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Peterson Family Chiropractic :: Reviews

Find out what new patients are saying…

Very Professional

Dr. Les Peterson was very professional and had a great understanding of how to treat the whole body rather than just your pain areas. My husband has been seeing him for a while so I decided to give it a try. Great front desk and doctor. I felt better after just one visit and I experienced more energy upon leaving. 10/10 would recommend!

Rebecca B.

Good to Listen

I was glad to see that Melanie used the drop table like my late chiropractor Dr Gaddis. I was also glad that you were able to obtain my records from the Everett Clinic. Dr Melanie was good to listen to me and I think she will be able to get me feeling better.

Diana M.

Very Happy with my First Visit

I was very happy with my first visit with Dr. Melanie Bober. It was reassuring that she’s been doing this for decades and had many experiences. My case is not an easy one, so I am hopeful that she will be able to carry on the excellent care I’ve had from a previous practitioner in a different city.

Susan T. (April 15/2022)

Excellent First Impression

Dr. Les is awesome. He makes an excellent first impression, and this was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with any healthcare professional. I’m looking forward to my follow-up with him, and I am so thankful I made the choice to come to Peterson Family Chiropractic.

James B. (April 4/2022)

Most Effective Treatment

Melanie is AMAZING!!! Fastest, most effective treatment I have ever received from a chiropractor, and I have seen a handful. She is very thorough, kind, and helped my body feel better in just a few minutes with some wonderful adjustments. I am so much more hopeful about this pregnancy and with the help of Melanie, I can see my body feeling much better this time around. Thank you so much!!

Leah G. (November 17/2020)

I Loved My First Visit

Wow! I LOVED my first visit. I have never had such a thorough exam before. I felt like Dr. Les really listened to me and was very concerned about my overall health as well. He is very knowledgeable and I felt he really cared about my problem areas. My adjustment felt amazing and I am so happy with the results and what we discussed as a treatment plan.

Jessica V. (January 31/2020)

Very Thorough

As a first impression, Dr. Peterson rates extremely high. He seems full of energy and eager to help me. He took an extraordinary amount of time with me. The appointment was not at all rushed, but surprisingly long. He was very thorough. I have confidence that he can help relieve my severe pain.

Gray J. (April 23/19)

Extremely Knowledgeable

I’ve never taken a doctor’s advice like Dr. Peterson’s. He was very knowledgeable about eating right and the right and wrong vitamins to take to help me in my journey to recovery. Thanks Doc! See ya soon.

Steven W. (March 20/18)

Sensitive & Professional

Wonderful team ready at a moments notice to diagnose and make adjustment’s as necessary to correct my tweaked back. Thank you for listening with sensitivity and professionally treating me and caring enough to recommend a follow-up.

Rose D. (Dec 6/17)

Wonderful Explanations

I was grateful that the Doctor took an exceptional amount of time with me. He was able to explain a lot of things to me about care and treatment as well as explanations regarding my insurance. The adjustments and treatments he provided have also given me some relief. I will continue with the recommended plan of care. I would definitely refer others to Peterson Chiropractic.

Jacqueline B. (Oct 2/17)

Doctor Was Phenomenal

Doctor Les Peterson was phenomenal; listened thoroughly, utilized all his training, expertise and great intention to do the best job possible facilitating my healing.

Cassandra S. (Sept 8/17)

My Neck Is Already Better

Dr. Bober was excellent. Her explanations were concise and clear; I appreciate her approach of how to make things better (posture, strength) than a maintenance approach. As a first-time patient, I also appreciated her “minimalist” approach until she had more information. From the work she did, my neck is already better. Much appreciated! I will be returning for further work.

David M. (April 11/17)

I Have Less Pain

Thanks for fixing my back. I can now walk down the stairs without the pain and uncomfortableness I was feeling. I also can now do more and have less pain :).

Jessica K. (April 11/17)

Genuine Effort

What I valued most was the genuine effort to figure out together the cause of my cervical issue, the honest feedback about whether chiropractic care is likely to help me, and the information about other modalities that may help me achieve my wellness goals. I left my first session with more clarity about what chiropractic care can realistically offer than I had understood after years of care with other chiropractic providers. Thank you for a very productive appointment!

Marlene E. (March 15/17)

Thank You

I felt so comfortable and everything was explained to me as the appointment went on. I have been in pain for months and my first adjustment helped right away. I am looking forward to my next appointment so I can be on my way to recovery. Thank you.

Tara T. (Jan 23/17)


Dr. Bober is awesome. She listens with the intent to help not just crack you and send you on your way. She wants to help you get better.

Robin S. (Feb 14/15)

Thank You

Your help has been greatly appreciated. I have not felt this good in 4 years. Thank you so much.

Ginny M. (Sept 7/13)