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Protect Yourself

Why You Need P.I.P.

We’ve seen a lot of car accident injuries in the past 22 years, and we are well equipped to treat them. Some are from minor “fender-benders”, while others are from much more serious crashes. Some take weeks to heal, while others take years.

Here are some “Golden Nuggets” to protect yourself and your family. Follow these suggestions to make it easy on your health care provider to care for all your injuries!

Make sure your auto insurance policy carries Personal Injury Protection (P.I.P.).

  • P.I.P. covers ALL medical costs up front for you and your passengers. No deductibles or co-pays! The doctor or hospital bills them, no you.
  • Using your P.I.P. WILL NOT increase your premium, even if you caused the accident.
  • P.I.P. covers medical bills, partial wage loss, and pays for some household help, like cleaning and yard work.
  • P.I.P. can be purchased in different increments, from $10,000.00 or up. Remember- one ride in an ambulance and one day in the Emergency Room can cost thousands!

The State of Washington thinks P.I.P is important! That’s why it passed a law that P.I.P. must be included in every policy unless you sign a waiver stating that you don’t want it! Don’t be fooled by insurance agents who want to “save you money on your premiums” by cutting out P.I.P. In the long run, you may pay more- a lot more!

Won’t my Medical Insurance Pay?

Yes, BUT:

  • You’ll still have to pay your deductible and co-pays, plus any costs your regular health insurance doesn’t cover. You won’t have those added costs with P.I.P.
  • If your doctor thinks you need treatment not usually covered on your health insurance, then you are out of luck. Many people in car crashes need more care than their medical insurance pays for. For example, you might only have 12 chiropractic visits per year on your health insurance but you may need more. Or you may need more than the dollar limit on physical therapy.

But it wasn’t my fault!

One misconception regarding PIP coverage is that it really isn’t needed if you aren’t at fault for an accident, since the other insurance company will pay for your medical expenses. While this is technically true, they only pay after you settle your claim. Unfortunately, the hospital or doctor’s office expects payment now, not later. P.I.P. pays now, and then happily waits to be reimbursed by the at fault party. Many patients without P.I.P. simply cannot afford the ongoing expense and drop out of care. This increases their risk of chronic pain and disability.

So protect yourself and your family. Call your insurance agent and ask if you have P.I.P Consider adding the highest coverage the insurance company offers.